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General Introduction of Towerist Company

Towerist is a major tower manufacturer for Energy ,Power Transmission , Telecommunication , Oil and Gas industrial that has been active since 2007, producing a variety of power transmission and high voltage substation Components, Telecommunication Towers such as Green-Field and Rooftop towers. 

The company incorporates a series of fully-automatic machines, angle blades and punching machines, and different categories of plates which alongside state-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing engineering allow for an annual capacity of over 120000 MT of lattice towers .
Towerist believes that sustainable development and achieving goals in satisfying customers guarantee its survival. Accordingly, it has considered the seriousness, perseverance and originality of the products in fulfilling its organizational goals

CEO Message

The modern business world has been evolving so rapidly to witness a global surge for competition, strategic planning, investment in technology, and coping with world-wide economic development projects. Modern-day advancements have been realized in all ways of life which added extra challenges to manufacturers, industrialists, and traders to meet those challenges with integrated solutions based on high-tech applications. As CEO of Towerist, and to embark on a journey of success, I take a leading role in creating an ideal work and business environment by providing all tools of preparedness, foresight, strategy. I am committed to make enormous strides in making Towerist a renowned and leading industrial in the world of transmission and telecommunication towers manufacturer.
In the first decade of the Towerist, we have achieved milestones based on sound business strategies and initiatives through collaboration with notable industrial and trading partners worldwide. As we are looking ahead, Towerist is keen to continue developing its physical and human resources, to expand its business dealings, and to assurance top quality products and brands so that customer satisfaction is fully realized. We strive to accomplish our goals by doing business most professionally and ethically so that we help bring better living to our customers. Our personal integrity, our shared values and our ethical business conduct form the basis of Towerist reputation. When combined with the quality and performance of our products, those elements build an extremely powerful platform for business success for the company and professional growth for all of us. By living our values, I know that we can move closer to realizing our vision. Trust us, we care!

Vision, Mission and Values


Provide solutions for the Electric Energy Transmission , telecommunication , Oil & gas Infrastructure sector, integrating Engineering, Tower Manufacturing and Construction in the EPC modality, aiming to satisfy our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties, bringing development to the communities where we operate.


To be a reference in the construction of infrastructure for the Energy sector, recognized for management excellence, for delivering innovative solutions with high added value, generating sustainable development.


Our constant goal to be the best we can be

Excellence is:

Providing the best customer service.

Challenging the status quo to achieve operational excellence.

Aiming for best-in-class.

We commit to excellence by:

Providing our people with the tools, support and resources to enable you to make a difference to our customers.

Providing our people with access to information, best practice and ideas that will help you to better understand what customers want and how to improve their service experience.

Recognizing and rewarding service excellence, no matter how small a difference it makes.

Partnership with all our stakeholders, based on mutual respect and benefiting from each other
Partnership is:
Building strong, long-term relationships with customers.

• Always working as a team with colleagues, customers, investors and communities.

• Being committed to our partners’ success as well as our own.

We commit to working in partnership by:

• Valuing the contribution of all stakeholders.
• Creating an environment and framework for the success of our colleagues, suppliers, contractors and customers.
• Sharing local and international best practice to help develop knowledge and skills.

Always striving to do the right thing
Integrity is:

• Doing everything based on honesty and transparency.

• Always taking responsibility for our actions.

• Working with dedication and accuracy.

We commit to acting with integrity by:

• Being honest and transparent and leading by example.
• Not compromising or accepting the compromise of ethical standards as defined in the Code of Business Conduct.
• Setting the standard for ethical and responsible business conduct across the world.

Key person​s

Ali Salahshour


Fariba Alam

Human Resource Manager

Maryam Moghadam

General Manager

Samira Ahmadlou

Legal consultant

Hooman Bassiri

Project Manager

Tahmineh Hosseini

CEO Advisor & Business Development Manager

Milad Gholami

Accounting Manager

Mohsen Mozoni

Production Manager

Membership and Certificates

Electricity Industry Syndicate



ISO​ 45001