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General Introduction of Towerist Company

Towerist Company, stablished in Turkey, relying on more than 20 years experiences, is a pioneer company for designing, manufacturing and galvanizing steel Power transmission towers, telecommunication towers, and high voltage substation steel structures.Thanks to our skilled qualified human resource, relying on our complete fully-automatic machines, 

and our compliance with last up-dated international standards, now we are proud to have satisfied clients and long-lasting business relationship with our partners and customers.Towerist Company has equipped itself for designing, manufacturing and hot-dip galvanizing over 25000 MT of lattice steel structures.

Towerist believes that sustainable development and achieving goals in satisfying customers guarantee its survival. Accordingly, it has considered the seriousness, perseverance and originality of the products in fulfilling its organizational goals

CEO Message

The modern business world has been evolving so rapidly to witness a global surge for competition, strategic planning, investment in technology, and coping with world-wide economic development projects. Modern-day advancements have been realized in all ways of life which added extra challenges to manufacturers, industrialists, and traders to meet those challenges with integrated solutions based on high-tech applications. As CEO of Towerist, and to embark on a journey of success, I take a leading role in creating an ideal work and business environment by providing all tools of preparedness, foresight, strategy. I am committed to make enormous strides in making Towerist a renowned and leading industrial in the world of transmission and telecommunication towers manufacturer.
In the first decade of the Towerist, we have achieved milestones based on sound business strategies and initiatives through collaboration with notable industrial and trading partners worldwide. As we are looking ahead, Towerist is keen to continue developing its physical and human resources, to expand its business dealings, and to assurance top quality products and brands so that customer satisfaction is fully realized. We strive to accomplish our goals by doing business most professionally and ethically so that we help bring better living to our customers. Our personal integrity, our shared values and our ethical business conduct form the basis of Towerist reputation. When combined with the quality and performance of our products, those elements build an extremely powerful platform for business success for the company and professional growth for all of us. By living our values, I know that we can move closer to realizing our vision. Trust us, we care!

Vision, Mission and Values


Having a remarkable share in the world due to energizing human lives, and improving interpersonal relationships, aiming to make better life for all.


Empowering power and communication industries, by designing and manufacturing high quality transmission and telecommunication towers, due to improving life quality.



  • Respecting to the nature and protecting it
  • Commitment and Excellence
  • Teamwork and Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Innovation

Key person​s

Ali Salah




Human Resource Manager


CEO Deputy



Legal Advisor


Project Manager


Tamin H

CEO Advisor & Business Development Manager


Accounting Manager



Production Manager


Quality assurance and control

The quality assurance & control department is one of the important units in the excellence of Towerist products. The responsibility of this process is to achieve all the desired features in a product in accordance with international and national standards and according to the request of the employer.

The main duties of this unit are:

  • Chemical, visual and dimensional control of raw materials before and during their entry into the warehouse and compliance with the purchase documents
  • Visual and dimensional control of the parts made in the manufacturing workshop and compliance with the part drawings
  • Welding control and performing PT, VT, UT tests if necessary and welding round control
  • Control and supervision of the installation of the produced sample and compliance with the installation plans and issuance of transport permit to the galvanizing workshop
  • Controlling the number and weight of the produced parts before transporting them to the galvanizing workshop and complying with the project material list
  • Control during galvanizing operation
  • Controlling during packing and complying with the packing list and issuing permission to transport to the customer’s site

The Quality assurance and control unit is obliged to report the smallest discrepancy to the management directly through pre-arranged forms and issue an order to stop production, if necessary.

Towerist compiles and prepares the quality control and assurance program (QCP) before the start of each project.

Research & Development

The R&D department always tries to provide solutions based on the minimum use of resources and maximum productivity, taking into account the needs announced by the employer and studying and investigating the problems and obstacles in the implementation of projects. In this regard, ICB and QENB telecommunication towers with prefabricated foundations are designed and put into operation in order to reduce the speed of implementation and occupied space in the telecommunications industry.

Health, safety and environment (HSE)

Some of the most important goals of this department are to create and improve the level of health and safety culture in the industry. Toweirst has been able to establish an integrated management system in the field of health, safety and environment in its group by receiving the HSE-MS certificate. The most important HSE requirements in Towerist factory are:

  • The presence of the HSE manager in the workshop
  • Logo, signs of work clothes and its material
  • Welding and cutting requirements
  • Safety requirements for work at height
  • Fall prevention equipment

Membership and Certificates