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Towerist believes that sustainable development and achieving goals in satisfying customers guarantee its survival. Accordingly, it has considered the seriousness, perseverance and originality of the products in fulfilling its organizational goals.

Design & engineering

Towerist design and engineering team has performed technical calculations using the expertise of experienced personnel and according to the customer’s request, and has prepared workshop plans after obtaining the employer’s approval, along with software 3D modeling and refers the issue to the manufacturing and production unit to produce the prototype.

  • PLS, CADD, POLE, SAPS, Tower
  • TNX Tower
  • RISA Tower
  • Mechanical Desktop
  • Tekla Structure

The main capabilities of this department are

  1. Design of lattice, telescopic, radar, roof top and, etc.
  2. Design of structural connections
  3. Preparation of workshop, assembly and production drawings and structure installation
  4. Preparation of material list, packing list
  5. Computer confirmation of the mast in 3D before production
  6. Providing technical documents in accordance with ISO 9001
  7. Controlling during packing and complying with the packing list and issuing permission to transport 

Manufacturing & production

Cutting, punching, bending and welding operations begin after receiving the workshop drawings from the design unit and supplying raw materials with the approval of the quality control department.


The prototype made at the beginning of each project and final structure is delivered to the installation unit for horizontal or vertical installation according to the work description and to ensure the structural compliance of the prototype. If necessary, the prototype for tensile testing will be sent to an authoritative authority to conduct relevant tests and mass production will begin after obtaining the approval of the employer and the consultant.

Fully automatic Angle punching and cutting up to size 200

Fully automatic Angle punching and cutting up to size 100

Fully automatic sheet punch and drill up to 40 mil thickness

Full hydraulic 5-function device

Don’t sharpen your beard

Plasma cutting 2 meters wide

Gantry crane

Overhead Cranes


Molten zinc provides better adhesion with the steel surface as a result of this action, and it reacts with iron and several layers of iron intermetallic compounds, zinc is formed. The order of these layers from the inside to the outside are: gamma (75% zinc, 25% iron), delta (90% zinc, 10% iron), zeta (94% zinc, 6% iron) and the outermost layer eta (100% zinc). After the immersion operation, the piece removed from the molten bath is checked according to the ASTM A780 guidelines, and corrected and repaired if necessary, and if the coating defects cannot be corrected according to the standard requirements, the operation is repeated again. The approved parts are technically inspected according to the ASTM-A123 standard, and a full visual report is completed along with the relevant forms. Thickness measurement and adhesion test report are included in the completed form, and sent to the product warehouse.

Packaging and shipping

This department is responsible for counting and packing the parts in the product warehouse according to the packing list received from the design and engineering unit. Before shipment, compliance with the principles of packaging, safety and installation of quality control plates and packing list on each bundle is done, and the cargo is loaded by a crane or forklift on the transport device and sent to the customer’s site.