Type of Monopole Tower

Camera mast

CCTV masts, as their name suggests, are used to increase the range of vision and also to prevent access to cameras. Usually, these masts are installed in public places such as parks and main streets in order to increase security and record important and everyday events. Of course, these masts can have the necessary efficiency when the cameras installed in them are of very high quality; because the height of some of these masts reaches 6 meters and even more, which is effective in recording images.

As mentioned, the main reason for using CCTV masts is their high height. Of course, the height of these masts depends on the place where we are going to install them. In some cases, it is necessary to consider their height up to 6-7 meters to increase the field and viewing angle. Accordingly, the quality of the cameras should also be increased by increasing the height of the mast. CCTV cameras are available in two types: bullet and dome, and it is better to use dome models for masts.

The reason for using dome cameras is their appearance. These cameras are dome-shaped, and have the ability to record images in a 360-degree angle. Of course, bullet cameras can also be used, but their view angle is a bit limited, and they are only suitable for recording still images. How to power the camera is a very important point in installing CCTV cameras. If you are using wired cameras, you must pass the wire through the body of the rig in such a way that it cannot be accessed. Because many vandals may see these wires and cut them. It is recommended to use wireless cameras and place its control panel in guard rooms. This increases the security of the cameras and it is not possible to disconnect them.

Light tower

It is a type of long urban lighting bases that are used to provide lighting for open areas and are produced and implemented in Towerist manufacturing group. This very widely used product has a significant contribution in the urban lighting market.


  • Providing lighting for passages, streets, highways, parks, urban open spaces at night
  • Ensuring the security of urban environments during darkness
  • Distributing light and illuminating a wide area without creating shadows and glare

Can be used in centers that work around the clock, such as hotels, airports, exhibitions, car parks, ports, train stations, etc.

  • High flexibility, very practical, completely safe
  • High durability and great resistance to weather conditions such as wind, rain, sunlight, heat, cold, humidity, etc.
  • Extremely easy maintenance and on the ground due to the mobility of the head

Base of the flag

The base of the flags is made of hot galvanized iron and includes metal masts that are used to install large flags or flag towers. These bases are made of iron and hot galvanized, usually the height of the base of the flag will also vary according to the type of flag and the location where the flag is going to be installed. On the base of the flags, two pulleys are installed at the top and bottom of the base and a towing wire is installed between these pulleys, so that the flag can be guided to the tip of the flag base during installation.