Guyed mast

The main bases of the mast are made of corners and are guyed to the foundation by guy cables and must be installed on the roofs on the pillars of the building and they can be installed on the ground as well, which is called a guyed mast.

Scope of application of the guyed mast

These types of masts have the advantage of being installed on most buildings due to their low weight and the application of gravity forces by the mast and tensile forces by guys. These masts can be installed on the roof of houses and houses, etc., in addition to the fact that the height of the building contributes to the height of the antenna installation and has many advantages in urban areas.

Those masts are produced in the form of tripod with a 60 degree angle profile, and four legs with a standard angle profile. Its sections are 3 meters or 6 meters and can be used up to the required height.

Guyed mast components and accessories

  1. The main legs of the mast: 3 meters or 6 meters according to the height of the mast and the type of equipment
  2. Guy cable and secondary connections
  3. Foundation supplies
  4. Bolts, anchor bolts, G-volts and other connections
  5. Grounding equipment, mast lights and related accessories
  6. Structures (mounting) of antenna, radio and installation equipment, rock feeders and vertical and horizontal ladders

The technical specifications of the types of anchoring rigs are:

  1. Body: Full corner – non-welded
  2. The main axis of the mast: three- or four-sided
  3. Angles of braces: 90 or 120 degrees
  4. The height of the mast axis: 6 to 30 meters
  5. Load tolerance: 700 kg in the upper three meters
  6. Effective Projected Area (EPA): 2 to 12 square meters
  7. Maximum wind speed: 130 km/h
  8. The maximum height of the building where the mast is installed: 30 meters
  9. The minimum distance of the braces: from the axis of the mast is one third, and the maximum distance of the braces is two thirds of the height of the mast.
  10. The length of the separate parts that must be carried to the roof will not be more than three meters.