Towerist is a major tower manufacturer for Energy ,Power Transmission ,Telecommunication ,Oil and Gas industrial that has been active since 2007 ,producing a variety of power transmission and high voltage substation Components, Telecommunication Towers such as Green-Field and Rooftop towers. 

The company incorporates a series of fully-automatic machines, angle blades and punching machines, and different categories of plates which alongside state-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing engineering allow for an annual capacity of over 120000 MT of lattice towers .

Telecommunication Towers

Telecommunication Towers to structures that are built as a base for installing various types of antennas to receive and transmit electromagnetic waves. Often, the tower is made of metal materials and in the Lattice of a grid to lighten the tower and reduce its windproof surface. At the same time, sometimes metal telecommunication towers are implemented with non-mesh filled surfaces and sometimes they are built using reinforced concrete. Lattice Tele Towers are designed and built with different geometrical shapes, according to the shape of the transverse and longitudinal sections and the arrangement of their constituent members.

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